Look North World's Search and Destroy island "CNTRL" is now live on Fortnite Creative UEFN

Look North World's Search and Destroy island "CNTRL" is now live on Fortnite Creative UEFN


AAA developer Look North World announces the launch of CNTRL in Fortnite Creative. This is a 5v5 tactical shooter set in a dystopian sci-fi city

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 14, 2023) -- Look North World (LNW) today launched their latest Fortnite Creative (UEFN) game, “CNTRL” (Map Code: 8441-8139-8805). CNTRL is a tribute to classic "Search and Destroy" tactical shooters of the early 2000s, set against the dystopian sci-fi backdrop of Blank City. Players can enjoy defending their base as CNTRL or attacking as Jinsei. They can take turns planting or defusing the bomb, using earned gold to purchase better weapons and consumables between rounds.

Alex Seropian, CEO of Look North World, expressed his enthusiasm about the map, "CNTRL combines the characters and gear of Fortnite with a refreshing and innovative twist. The visual style of Blank City brings a unique look to UEFN that sets it apart. And the tactical play, with a group of friends, is an absolute blast. We can't wait for you to dive in and enjoy the excitement.”

Look North World is a AAA developer and publisher, creating entertainment within today's most vibrant gaming communities. Their first game, "Outlaw Corral," was released in July of this year to much acclaim on UEFN, earning the coveted Epic Picks and a feature at The Game Awards. The launch of their second game, "Carrera Coast," included a performance from viral EDM artist Marc Rebillet and hosted the largest prize pool tournament in Fortnite Creative history. The company is currently developing multiple titles.

More information about Look North World is available at https://looknorth.world/