To celebrate DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON, our latest game in Fortnite we are giving away a chug full of V-Bucks!

1. PLAY Don't Push The Button

2. Screnshot Your Kills Stat

Before you wrap up your gameplay session, take a screenshot of your in-game "SCORE" stat.

3. Post Your Score

Join our Discord server in the link below.

Tell us where to send your prizes using the command "/Register" to register as an official LNW Insider.

Post your score in the #submissions channel using the command "/challenge".

Submit your number of kills each session, as many sessions as you want per day, during the challenge.

Submitting multiple screenshots of the same gameplay session will invalidate all scores submitted.

February 22nd to March 6th

Submit Your Scores For a Chance To Win 2,800 V-Bucks

We award one (1) 2,800 per 100 players entered, every day, for 14 days, using a random draw. Each kill submitted counts as one (1) entry.

Winners are announced the following day by 10pm PST, except for holidays and weekends. Those winners are announced by 10pm PST the following business day.

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Discord Commands

Win Big, Level Up, and Compete Weekly

When you sign up on our Discord for challenges as a LNW Insider, you also gain access to our leveling and XP systems.

Here is an overview of all the Discord bot commands you gain access to:

/register  Sign up for LNW Insider giving access to Discord levels and challenges

             /register #email #phone-number

/level Output your Rank and XP to next Rank

Player Ranks: are assigned you once you /register

/challenge Enter a submission for a challenge

             /challenge #challenge-name #stat #screenshot #link

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