Enclave: Survival Skyward (ESS), an ARK Premium Mod, brings a new aspect to ARK - the skies! The jungle is more full than ever with dangerous animals and treasure, and bases are now built in tall reclaimed skyscrapers. Explore and climb these towers, build a strong base, and travel to other towers using risky ziplines or even parachute down from above!

ESS brings a greater degree of verticality than ever before. Now, battles and treasures are not just around you, but also above and below. Gather your team, create a sky castle, and protect it from everyone.

Claim the Skies

PvP in the sky, skyscraper to skyscraper, tribe to tribe, for access to the biggest skyscrapers and best resources

All New Progression System

Completely revamped gameplay, emphasizing skyscraper base progression

Claim and outfit your own skyscraper base with 120 new items

Extremely Dangerous

The jungle floor is now more dangerous than ever

Enclave: Survival Skyward is an ARK: Survival Ascended Premium Mod

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