Creative Director (Full-Time, Salary)

Creative Director (Full-Time, Salary)

Creative Director (Full-Time, Salary)

Position Overview:

Look North World (LNW) is seeking an experienced and collaborative person with a passion for UGC to join our team as Creative Director. The Creative Director will establish and maintain the vision of internally developed games’ aesthetics, mechanics, and design. As a small studio it is also expected that the position will contribute to the implementation of their designs (primarily using UEFN devices & Verse scripts). Additionally, this role will be providing creative support and management to a number of Co-dev partners . Qualified candidates will have demonstrated experience in overseeing and guiding creative teams from initial concept to release.

We're not your typical game developer and publisher. We're pioneering a new category in the industry, fuelled by our passion for creating innovative gameplay experiences and pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Our unique approach involves developing new gameplay and intellectual property (IP) within Creator marketplaces, with our initial focus on UEFN. Our company is the product of a team of seasoned game developers with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success.

This role is anticipated to be a remote work position open to most countries in North and South America, with some work happening on-site during biannual team meet ups.

Benefits include early stage stock options, unlimited PTO, company shutdowns in the summer and end-of-year, 401K plan, highly competitive 100% health insurance coverage paid for US-based employees, and small collaborative teams.


  • 10+ years of game development experience in Design or Creative Director roles.

  • Creative decision maker who utilizes data and analytics to inform decisions.

  • Strong project management skills and ability to maintain a strategic view of all work.

  • Proven success collaborating with internal departments and external agencies.

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills for working with internal and external teams.

What you’ll be doing?

  • Establishing and maintaining the vision for internally developed UGC projects throughout development.

  • Leading the development of the mechanics, systems and others components of these games.

  • Own the implementation of your designs in-engine (primarily UEFN).

  • You will be responsible for the deliverables for projects both owned by your team and co-developed by external studios. This includes reviewing, assisting, and giving feedback on said deliverables.

  • Develop partnerships with external partners ranging in scale from a single creator upwards to full size studio.

  • Maintaining a high level of communication and follow-up with fellow creative and studio leadership.

  • Pitching new ideas of concepts for the Studio.

  • Being a mentor for the team by giving a clear vision of the project and inspire them.

  • Remain current on UGC trends across several platforms.

Application Instructions: To apply, please submit your resume to, with examples of your work.